OPEN DOOR learning & inquiry

OPEN DOOR learning & inquiry


The Retreats

What to expect in a retreat

The residential retreat program is structured to include:

  • group inquiry 
  • individual contemplation & study
  • walks in nature,
  • quiet
  • rest
  • exercise and yoga
  • opportunities for unscheduled dialogue to occur naturally between participants.

Take a fresh look at life

Can we take a fresh look at our lives, question our fixed assumptions and potentially generate energy for freedom & spontaneity? 

The approach in these retreats has developed out of a deep interest in J.Krishnamurti’s teachings. 

However, the intention in our exploration together is to think for ourselves, rather than repeat and follow the insights of others.

For inquiry to be worthwhile, it must be honest, heartfelt and straightforward.

What we are trying to do, during all these discussions and talks here..

“What we are trying to do, during all these discussions and talks here, is to see if we cannot radically bring about a transformation of the mind, not accept things as they are, nor revolt against them. Revolt doesn't answer a thing. 

You must understand it, go into it, examine it, give your heart and your mind, with everything that you have, to find out a way of living differently. 

That depends on you, and not on someone else, because in this there is no teacher, no pupil; there is no leader; there is no guru; there is no Master, no Saviour. You yourself are the teacher and the pupil; you are the Master; you are the guru; you are the leader; you are everything. And to understand is to transform what is.”

j krishnamurti