OPEN DOOR learning & inquiry

OPEN DOOR learning & inquiry


Dates: 15-21 May 2020 (Cancelled with Covid pandemic - we shall try to reschedule in 2022…)

Can the Heart be Healed?

A learning exploration in self inquiry, dance & body work.

The heart’s capacity for lightness, affection, intelligence and love has been weighed down by stress, work, anxiety and issues of relationship. The heart’s energy and life force is bruised by hurt that has never healed. The modern world is full of problems and now Mother Earth is apparently no less wounded.

As we are cut off from Nature, so are we cut off from our own natures. How can we hope for healing when we have no deep connection with what needs to heal? What is it to be sensitive and self aware of our bodies, our minds, our relationships and the world around us? 

Our workshop proposes that we give our hearts to the active exploration of this theme - bringing together self reflection, body work and relationship as one movement of investigation; an inquiry for fundamental change in ourselves.

“In a totally harmonious human being there is harmony between mind, heart and body.” J.Krishnamurti

Mindbody Retreat Program

Our program welcomes you to a unique combination of movement, dance, group inquiry & journaling. An opportunity for relationship with others, quiet, and walking in beautiful natural surroundings.

All meals are vegetarian, homemade and use homegrown products from the garden adding healthy nourishment to our exploration. 

Open to everyone of all ages.

Program Schedule

Friday 15th May: Arrivals & Settling In

  • 5.30pm - Opening introduction
  • 6.00pm - Getting to know each other  (warm up)
  • 7.30pm - Dinner

Daily Schedule: (Saturday/Sunday/Tuesday & Wednesday)

  • 8.00am.         Breakfast 
  • 9.30am.         Q&A Krishnamurti Video 20mins
  • 10.00am.       Journaling
  • 10.15am.        Break
  • 10.30am        Self reflective Inquiry Circle
  • 12.30am.       Free time
  • 1.00pm          Lunch
  • 3.30pm.         Dance movement 
  • 5.00pm.        Free time
  • 6.00pm.        Body Awareness Work
  • 7.00pm.        Free time
  • 7.30pm.        Dinner

  • Monday: Group Walking Day
  • Thursday 21st May: Departure after lunch

Program Information for Participants

Journaling - Participants will be encouraged to keep an inquiry diary throughout the retreat so that journaling be also part of our active inquiry.

Items to bring - A simple journal & comfortable clothes for movement

WiFi - WiFi internet connection is available. WiFi will be turned off during at night time for those sensitive to electromagnetic pollution.

Fresh Juice at Cortijo Villegas Retreat
Fresh Juice at Cortijo Villegas Retreat


All Included Retreat Prices

  • 480€ - Single room 
  • 390€ - Room sharing (2 guests sharing)
  • 330€ - Room sharing (3 friends sharing)
  • 270€ - Camping

prices include meals, refreshments + workshops

The Facilitators 

The varied program of activities offered during our Mindbody Mountain Retreat will be presented by the facilitators listed below.

While it is evident from the Facilitator Bios that they have real experience in their particular fields - they do not wish to be seen and related to as experts or authorities in the inquiry. It must be very clear that they are, together with the participants in the group, completely involved in this exploration of mindbody which is also very much ongoing in their everyday lives.

This unique, open & participatory facilitation may help generate a genuine atmosphere of learning together. Whether this creativity and deep exploration can occur, is a heartfelt willingness to engage and responsibility of us all.

Jaap Van Manen

Jaap is a theologian, dance teacher and life coach. He has developed his own approach called Dance Coaching: a life inquiry with dance as its means.

He wrote two Dutch books about this: Dance Coaching - personal development through physical and mental expression; and Dancing Towards Your Essence - being aware in movement and connection. He also trained other trainers, coaches, therapists and teachers in this approach, from which he retired in 2018.

Nowadays he divides his time between Holland and Spain.

Jackie McInley

Jackie founded and ran a residential retreat centre in southern France, called Open Door  but now spends her time travelling, organising events & facilitating inquiry circles worldwide.

She does not follow any spiritual teachings but is deeply interested in the investigative talks & dialogues of J.Krishnamurti as a mirror to an ongoing inner inquiry for fundamental change - the essential core of her life. 

By profession a foreign language communications coach (& drama teacher), she developed her own coaching approach called Language in Movement: learning languages as a serious and playful, real life relationship between people. Acting in a Parisian theatre troupe, jazz singing, training in improvisational clowning - the performing arts, movement & creativity have always stayed close to her heart and her work.


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