OPEN DOOR learning & inquiry

OPEN DOOR learning & inquiry



“Can K’s teaching really make a difference to our lives and in today’s world?”

What is our intrinsic intention and interest in K’s teaching? 

What does it actually mean to us as individuals and as human beings generally? Does it help me to live a better life or is there a more wide-reaching, transformative significance to the teachings?

Can reading and listening to K assist in understanding and resolving my particular problems? Do the teachings meet the problems facing the modern world as a whole? Are we concerned with bringing about self improvement and an overall betterment of human life? Or are we engaging with a more radical shift in human consciousness itself? How do we envisage this possible “transformation” and what exactly are we intending to change?

Do I limit my intention – to understand and implement change – according to the limitations of my own perceptions? Does our deep rooted and ingrained self concern blind us to the wider issues facing human existence as a whole? What does Krishnamurti mean by “responsibility” and “you are the world”?

Do join us at the KFA for this dialogue and group study program, and an intense and careful exploration of these questions together.

What to expect

  • Deep and frank group explorations
  • Practical study demanding a full engaging on the part of participants
  • Potential breakthrough of old mental patterns
  • Affectionate, careful and caring inquiry
  • A special atmosphere in Krishnamurti’s previous home