OPEN DOOR learning & inquiry

OPEN DOOR learning & inquiry


In-Person Retreats

Southern Spain & Southern France, Open Door Worldwide Dialogue Retreats
Southern Spain & Southern France, Open Door Worldwide Dialogue Retreats

Up-Coming In-Person Retreats in Southern France and Southern Spain 2022

We shall be re-launching the retreats programmed in Uzès, France and Malaga, Spain - that were cancelled due to the Covid pandemic 

Please watch this space for upcoming programming dates in September/October 2022 and for more information about the retreats.

In Depth Study Retreat California

Theme: Can Krishnamurti’s Teaching make a difference?

Location: Krishnamurti Foundation America Ojai,CALIFORNIA

Dates & Times:7-11 February 2022 / Monday-Friday 2:30 to 5:30

Registration & info please click here


Retreat & Dialogue Facilitator

The facilitator is in no way an authority or KRISHNAMURTI teacher. She speaks in her own name and moves together with all other participants on a journey of self inquiry. She may help organise retreat programs, but truth and awareness can never be organised, nor administered by another: it can only be discovered simply and naturally for oneself.

Jackie McInley founded and ran an independent Krishnamurti centre called Open Door in Southern France from 2004 until 2013 – hosting monthly inquiry weekends and annual international gatherings in French and English. 

She has had a deep interest in K’s teaching for many years and has been facilitating and setting up dialogue groups since 2002.

A higher education language teacher by profession, she now spends her time traveling to various K centres and schools around the world - facilitating dialogue & retreat programs, sharing skills in education, and helping out in independent K related projects worldwide.


“Can K’s teaching really make a difference to our lives and in today’s world?”

What is our intrinsic intention and interest in K’s teaching? 

What does it actually mean to us as individuals and as human beings generally? Does it help me to live a better life or is there a more wide-reaching, transformative significance to the teachings?

Can reading and listening to K assist in understanding and resolving my particular problems? Do the teachings meet the problems facing the modern world as a whole? Are we concerned with bringing about self improvement and an overall betterment of human life? Or are we engaging with a more radical shift in human consciousness itself? How do we envisage this possible “transformation” and what exactly are we intending to change?

Do I limit my intention – to understand and implement change – according to the limitations of my own perceptions? Does our deep rooted and ingrained self concern blind us to the wider issues facing human existence as a whole? What does Krishnamurti mean by “responsibility” and “you are the world”?

Do join us at the KFA for this dialogue and group study program, and an intense and careful exploration of these questions together.

What to expect

  • Deep and frank group explorations
  • Practical study demanding a full engaging on the part of participants
  • Potential breakthrough of old mental patterns
  • Affectionate, careful and caring inquiry
  • A special atmosphere in Krishnamurti’s previous home

What does beginning with doubt do to your brain? It cleanses it, wipes out all the old things. If you begin with doubt, it helps the brain to look objectively and well as subjectively. By doubting, you begin to clear the field to look. I doubt the government, I doubt what the priests say, I doubt my convictions. But we don’t doubt; we hold onto things. If you begin to doubt, question, have scepticism, you begin to open the door. When you open the door, you are watching. You don’t question; you just watch what is happening inside and out. 

By watching, you altogether wipe out the self, the ‘me’, the ego, which is nothing but a bundle of memories: communal memories, personal memories, memories of what you have read. We are a series of memories, a movement of memories; nothing actual. When you realise that, there is nothingness. Not annihilation: nothingness. This doesn’t mean nihilism or any of that kind of rubbish; it means an intelligence born of compassion. Love has its own intelligence, and love doesn’t need experience.