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Himalayan Study Retreat 19-29 March 2020/ KRC Uttarkashi, INDIA 

STUDY THEME: Is it possible not to be hurt?

“Is it possible not to be hurt? Any person who is hurt builds a wall around themselves not to be hurt further. Any person who has built a wall around himself becomes violent as a reaction. It is very important not to be hurt because a person who is hurt cannot love.”    J.Krishnamurti

The Study Retreat Program

Join our 10/day mountain retreat in affection, leisure & natural beauty. Living together as a small group we shall be exploring this fundamental yet everyday problem of Hurt - not intellectually or merely verbally, but with great care & direct observation of ourselves as we actually are. 

There will be time for walks, exercise, quiet sitting and individual study as well as a program of everyday dialogues and videos. 

The Venue

KRC Retreat Centre Uttarkashi is the venue for our mountain study retreat: Please visit this link for all further information concerning:

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  • Accommodation
  • How to reach the Centre


Please contact the KRC directly to register for our 10/day Himalaya Mountain Study Retreat:

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Retreat & Dialogue Facilitator

Jackie McInley founded and ran an independent Krishnamurti centre called Open Doorin Southern France from 2004 until 2013 – hosting monthly inquiry weekends and annual international gatherings in French and English. She has had a deep interest in K’s teaching for many years and has been facilitating and setting up dialogue groups since 2003.

A higher education language teacher by profession, she now spends her time traveling to various K centres and schools around the world - facilitating dialogue & retreat programs, sharing skills in the schools, and helping out in independent K related projects worldwide.

The facilitator is in no way an authority or teacher of K’s Teaching. She speaks in her own name and moves together with all other participants on the journey of self inquiry. She may help organise retreat programs, but truth and awareness can never be organised, nor administered by another.