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“Please learn. Learn to observe not memorise. We have contradiction only when we are not dealing with what is actually going on”

Inquiry is for all those interested in deepening an honest awareness of ourselves in our everyday lives - not for our own narrow self development but for our relationshipsthe world we live in, and for the potential of life itself.

The intention of inquiry is to allow a subtle, dynamic process of learning to unfold - a learning that comes spontaneously with direct observation - an observation that has no shadow to cloud it. 

In these modern times where change and intelligence seem so desperately needed, is there an inquiry that can generate an “inner revolution” and a completely new energy of living?

The focus is not to learn or follow a spiritual teaching or even to look to K for answers. Rather it is to inquire into the fundamental issues of everyday life that this revolutionary thinker suggests we urgently turn our attention to.

Inward Revolution

“ What is true can only be found from moment to moment, it is not a continuity, but the mind which wants to discover it, being itself the product of time, can only function in the field of time; therefore it is incapable of finding what is true...

To understand the mind you cannot interpret it according to somebody else's idea, but you must observe how your own total mind works. When you know the whole process of it, how it reasons, its desires, motives, ambitions, pursuits, its envy, greed and fear; then the mind can go beyond itself, and when it does there is the discovery of something totally new.

That quality of newness gives an extraordinary passion, a tremendous enthusiasm which brings about a deep inward revolution: and it is this inward revolution which alone can transform the world not any political or economic system.” 

J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life


Inspired but not led by Krishnamurti’s teachings

Krishnamurti did not wish any cult or following of himself or his words: he made it clear that following the teacher would make real learning impossible. 

The Teachings are there to be listened to, studied or be inspired by - but never followed or rephrased. 

Surely we must discover directly for ourselves the nature of who we are? And can we go beyond the limitations of our conditioning that is creating so much havoc in our world and in our lives?  


Generating energy for fundamental change

Inspired, but not led, by the revolutionary teaching of J.Krishnamurti, this form of dialogue is open and welcoming to all those interested in learning about themselves, their ways of thinking and the impact this is having on the world in general.

Lack of awareness about our fears, desires, attachments and loneliness etc - conscious or otherwise - is limiting our very perception and outlook on life. We will be investigating ordinary patterns of conditioned thinking - not as an intellectual activity but as an animate process affecting us directly - and seriously examining whether it is possible to actually and fundamentally change.